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Pour bien ranger vos wig de Dollfie DreamSize: All types of SD & DDIncludes: Wig net (smaller x 1、larger x 1)

1,79 € HT

Our Pitatto Wig (Doll Wig Stopper) has been renewed, in a brand new version even easier to use!It attaches more firmly and fits the head even better than before. And the bumpy part has become more gentle, making it harder for it to get caught in wigs

2,50 € HT

A snug fit for your wig! The Pitatto Ring♪If you find yourself in a bind every time you use a wig, we have a wonderful new product for your Super Dollfie! 

3,00 € HT
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This is an aqueous hair wax. You can use this for setting hairstyle and for protecting wigs to get dry or widen.

4,99 € HT
Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

To fit: Dollfie Head cap L Size (Renewal Ver.) / MDD, DDS, DD, DDdy, SD, SD13, SD16, SD17* The doll is not included.* Please note that depending on the style or fabric of the outfit, the doll may be stained even if they are wearing a stocking or tights

5,83 € HT
Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

Your Dollfie's hair will be clean and shinny again with this Shampoo & Conditioner.Inner capacity : 30ml

8,33 € HT
Montrant 1 - 12 553 articles