Carrying Case / Mini (Black Diamond)



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Let’s enjoy going out with DollfieR♪ 
Carrying Case provides reliable support when you go out with your beloved DollfieR☆ Get one for fun outing!

It’s good for both SD & DD♪

Model: SD F-60 (Coco Type)
Wig: W-127-16T (Mermaid Wave) (Full Choice System Limited Item)

What is the Carrying Case?
Carrying Case is developed in order to let owners go out with their DollfieR safely and securely.
It can also carry plenty of care items and wigs♪
It makes it much easier for you to go out with your beloved DollfieR.

Noteworthy Points!
Inside the case, your DollfieR will be secured by a belt, so you can carry it without worry.
The inner bottom base is thick and stable!

Size: MSD Girls & Boys / SDM Girls & Boys / SDC Girls & Boys / MDD

Includes: Carrying Case

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