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Rescue DD's skin trouble ♪
Joint development with "Nissin Chemical Research Institute"! The results of your dream research are here!
A revolutionary cleaning agent that gently removes the color transfer of DD has finally arrived!

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Dream Rescue is a color transfer remover for DD, which was created through joint development with “Nissin Chemical Research Institute”, which has a long history of establishment in 1955.
It was developed with the impact of DD on the skin first, so while maintaining a high cleaning effect, it does not easily swell like chemical blister, the texture does not change, and there is no unpleasant odor!
Please check the usability and effect with your own eyes!

Because we placed ultimate priority on minimizing the effect on the skin of DD in the development process, it contains medical agent that does not cause swelling like a blister, it doesn't change the texture, and it doesn't smell bad while keeping high cleaning effect!
Please check its usefulness and the effect with your own eyes!

How to Use Dream Rescue

[ Before Using ]
There is a possibility that your Dollfie Dream® may undergo a chemical change caused by the substance of the color staining or the effect of storage environment. 
In order to prevent the possible negative effect of Dream Rescue, please apply a small amount of the cream on a hidden area of your DD first to ensure no problems occur before spreading it over the affected area.


Mix the cream and apply a thin layer evenly onto the affected area. Protecting the area from dryness with wrap film makes it more effective.


In order to avoid skin contact, please wear vinyl gloves, or use a cotton swab or a plastic spoon to apply the cream to your DD.

Please do not use the cream over the painted or makeup area.

Do not apply too much! Even if the damage of color staining is serious, be careful not to apply too much cream. Please apply a thin layer of the cream and repeat ➀ ~ ➂ steps several times.
Please avoid direct contact with human skin.


Please make the applied cream contacted with the affected area 
for 1 ~ 2 days.


Make sure not to leave it on DD’s skin for a long time 
(3 days ~ 2weeks).


Please remove the cream with a tissue or a soft cloth, and wash it away with lukewarm water.


The cream contains granular component, which may cause abrasion on your DD’s skin. Please be careful not to scrub it while in use.

Be sure to remove the cream with water or lukewarm water, not to scrub it. 
Granular component contained in the cream may damage your DD’s skin.
Wash away the cream completely not to leave it on your DD’s skin.


Please repeat ➀ ~ ➂ steps as needed until the color stains are removed.
* For detailed usage directions, please read the included leaflet and instructions carefully.

  • * Dream Rescue is exclusively for use with Dollfie Dream®.
  • * Color stains penetrated deeply may not be completely removed.
  • * Please do not use this cream near or over the painted features. 
    This cream may remove or damage the painted area or makeup.
  • * If you get the cream on your clothes, it may cause decoloration.
  • * Before spreading the cream over the affected area, apply a small amount of cream to test on a hidden area. If you see any negative effects on your DD, please stop using it immediately and wash it off.
  • * If you get the cream on your skin, wash it off under running water immediately.
  • * If you ingested the cream by mistake, rinse the inside of your month thoroughly with water. Then drink 1 or 2 cups of water or milk to dilute the cream in the stomach and consult your physician immediately.
  • * If the cream gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes under clean running water for at least 15 minutes and consult your eye doctor immediately. When rinsing your eyes, hold the eyelids with your fingers to keep your eyes wide open so that the water spreads well to all around the eyeball and the eyelids.
  • * Dream Rescue may separate over time, but separation is normal. 
    Please mix the cream thoroughly before use.
  • * The cream contains granular component, which may cause abrasion on the DD’s skin. Please use the cream without rubbing.
  • * Do not use the cream in presence of open flame or spark, or items with high temperature.
  • * After opening, please use the cream as soon as possible.
  • * The expiration date is one year from the production date if left unopened. The expired cream may not remove any color stains.
How to Store
  • * After opening, put it in this package and close it with a zipper for storage.
  • * Components are degraded by direct sunlight or a contact with strong acids and strong alkali.
  • * Avoid contact with metallic items.
  • * Close the lid tightly and keep in a cool, well-ventilated dry place at temperature below 86°F.
  • * Keep the cream out of the reach of children and pets.
  • * Please read the instruction carefully before use. Follow the directions for use.
  • * Dream Rescue may not work for completely permeated color stains.
  • * Please be alerted that the constituent of cleansing agent may take off the doll's makeup.
  • * Rinse well with water when you get the chemical in your skin.
  • * Doll, Outfit, wig, etc are not included.
  • * The item pictured is a sample. 
    Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • *It may not be effective for deeply penetrating color transfer.
    *Doll and wig are not included in the product.
    *The ingredients of the cleaning agent may remove the makeup of the doll. Please be careful.
    *The picture is a sample.The contents of the product may be partially changed.Please note that.
    *If the drug gets on your skin, wash it off thoroughly.
    * Please read the precautions carefully and follow the dosage and usage rules for proper use.

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