Dollfie Dream Sister Mayu



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Livraison : 3 à 8 semaines

The truth is, Mayu, whose round, cute eyes are always sparkling brightly, is a pampered girl who gets lonely easily.
That's why she may always seem to be in high spirits in public, but she's actually remarkably level-headed at heart.

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Sculpted by : Zoukei-mura Inc.

Outfits Design : VOLKS Doll Design Department

Eyes : Dollfie Animetic Eyes F-Type Wakaba (Bright Green), Metallic, 24mm

Wig : W-143D-16T Wave with Mini Side Tails (Cream), DD size

Head : DDH-04 Head (Soft Head Cap)

Body : DDS Base Body, Normal Skin, M Bust

Includes : Doll, Wig, Slip, Panties


*Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of " Dollfie ® Head Cap " to prevent the wig staining the doll?s head

*This doll is made of PVC. Please keep away from heat.

*The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
*The body was made of soft vinyl. Please keep it in a location away from high températures.

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