Dollfie Dream® Sister Freya Wion

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Dollfie Dream ® Sister
Freya Wion

Prototype production: Misaki Misaki (model village)
Dress production: Volks / Doll Planning Office
pupil: Animetic Eyes ® "Freia Wion" Original iris · metallic · 22 mm
Wig: "Freya Wion" New style original style, DD size specification
head: "Freya Wion" original head adopted
body: DDS base body · normal skin, M chest adoption
set content: Bracelet (red), Bracelet (Pink), Skirt, Pannier, Drawers, Socks, Doll Body, Wig, Hair Ribbon, Hair Clip, Vest, Best Parts (Right and Left), Blouse, Tie, Tie Part , Boots, microphone, wrist parts (Valkyrie sign, right and left set)

【please note】
※ The color of the dress may change color to the doll body. Please be careful.
※ There is a case where the wig color will transfer color to the doll body. Please use
" head cap " (sold separately) for color transfer prevention .
※ The main body is made of soft vinyl. Please keep away from high temperature.
※ Because products are very delicate, such as sewing, please be careful about handling.
※ The photos are samples. The contents of the product may be changed in part.
Please note.
※ DDS "Freya Wion" is adopted normal hand (DDII-H-01).


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