Dollfie Dream ® Rider / Altria · Pendragon [Santa Horta] [Série Limitée]

Dollfie Dream


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Livraison : 3 à 8 semaines

Prototype production Misaki Misaki (model village)
Dress production Volks / Doll Planning Office
pupil Animetic eyes ® "Saber Horta / Santa Horta" Original iris · Metallic · 22 mm
wig "Santa Horta" New style original style, DD size specification
head "Saber / Saber Horta / Santa Horta" adopted original head
body DD base body III · white skin, M chest adoption
set content Doll body, wig, santa hat, hair ribbon, hair ribbon (black), choker, cape, dress, cufflinks, gloves, carrying gloves, tights, shorts, boots, gift bags, swords

【please note】※ The color of the dress may change color to the doll body. Please be careful.* There is a case where the color changes to color on the doll body. Please use  ' (sold separately) for color transfer prevention .※ The main body is made of soft vinyl. Please keep away from high temperature.※ Because products are very delicate, such as sewing, please be careful about handling.※ The photos are samples. The content of the product may be changed in part. Please note.※ DD "Rider / Altria · Pendragon [Santa Horta]" is adopted (DDII-H-06-WH) adoption. Other hands are not included.

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