Dollfie Dream Snow Miku limited [Série Limitée]

Dollfie Dream


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Livraison : 3 à 8 semaines

Name Dollfie Dream® Snow Miku
Sculpted by: Misaki Celica (modeling Village)

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Name Dollfie Dream® Snow Miku
Sculpted by: Misaki Celica (modeling Village)
Dress Craft: VOLKS Doll Design Department
Eyes: Anime tick Eyes "Snow Miku" original iris Metallic · 24mm
Wig: "Snow Miku" new original style, DD size specification
Head: "Hatsune Miku / Yuki Miku" original head adopted
Body: DD-based body III · Semi-white skin, SS breast adoption
Set content: Doll, wig, hair ornaments (x2), headset, scarf, tie, tie clip, blouses, arm cover, arm cover mounting parts (x2), gloves, belts with skirts, shorts, long boots, normal hand left hand (DDII -H-01-SW), par right hand (DDII-H-04-SW), dedicated decal, DD skin protection tape (semi-white skin), owners limited sale Wig order form

Please note:

There is a case where the color of the outfit may stain the surface of the doll. Please be careful.
There is the case that wig color to color stain the surface of the doll.
Color transfer for prevention " head cap Please use all means" (sold separately).
body is made of soft vinyl.
Please keep away from the place to become a high temperature.
product is can be delicate very, such as sewing. Since there is a risk of damage and will wildly treatment, please be careful in handling.
The photograph is a sample. There is the case that the contents of the product are subject to change part. Please note.
The DD "Snow Miku" Doll right hand is normal hand (DDII-H-01-SW ), the left hand is adopted par (DDII-H-04-SW ).
In addition, it will be the special edition painted nails part.Unlike the photo
, it will also be a clear material foundation of the arm cover.
Age of this product is more than 15 years old.

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