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VLOCKer's FIORE 4th new character!!
The manga artist “Gyoku” is in charge of design!

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The popular RED KNIGHT Rose is a fiore in the mechanical VLOCKer's series, with a feminine silhouette!
To make full use of the attractiveness of Mr. Gyoku's design, new molding on the whole body!
The feminine and elegant silhouette, the delicate shape reminiscent of rose petals is attractive!

[Product Information]
・9-color molded plastic kit (made of PS, PE, PVC, POM, ABS)
・Includes 4 types of pre-printed Parts
・With Eye decals
・Size: Non-scale (Height: 175mm)

The new fiore "Rose" drawn by Mr. Gyoku
Three Points to watch!

■ POINT ①: Can be combined and transformed into attack mode!
Based on the mechanical VLOCKer's that became the base RED KNIGHT rose As with "," by changing the special armor, it transforms into a huge hammer! By changing the joint, it can be used as a lance type!

■ POINT ②: Enchanting new body!
Slender proportions according to the beautiful design drawn by Mr. Gyoku! When decorating the armor, you can enjoy the gorgeous silhouette Fiore while leaving the feminine line!

■ POINT③: a variety of facial expressions Parts!
Includes 4 expressions with a cool atmosphere!

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